We do a lot.

It may sound flippant, but it’s the truth, and it comes from a genuine place of heart—our diverse skills allow us to provide the core services you need, so you don’t have to work with a dozen different vendors (unless you want to). This not only provides you with cost-efficient marketing solutions backed by trackable results, it helps to ensure that your brand identity and messaging remain consistent across all your communication channels. Whether it’s physical or digital marketing (or a combination of both), all brand elements, messaging and communication strategies are developed, produced and executed straight from our offices.

As the in-house, full-service marketing team for BlueHive Exhibits, we’ve been helping clients to adjust to this ‘new normal’ of social distancing and connecting with customers when face-to-face events are not possible. At its most basic, a virtual event space is a website developed for a specific communication need to a specific audience. We can help you determine your main content to communicate and what action it needs to drive to fulfill your event goals, how best to present it to align with your audience preferences and the technology and digital platforms needed for the content to be experienced as you envision. Then, we put on our web developer and designer hats and build you the interactive website that houses the tech platforms you need, to deliver your content through a virtual event space that recreates those moments of connection and excitement found in face-to-face events. Want to learn more? View our sample Virtual Event
When you want to make a splash, you need to know how to do a cannon ball. As creators and innovators—and more importantly, marketing experts—we can help you to develop out-of-the-box creative solutions aligned with your marketing goals that will make an impact on your audience. From disruptable and shareable campaigns to physically immersive, engaging experiences, we can create and execute big ideas that will be just as memorable as they are unique.
Otherwise known as brand alignment, part of our brand discovery process includes working with both internal stakeholders and external resources of your company to ensure that your brand promise is accurate. By auditing all marketing materials and channels, we identify potential pitfalls in delivering on your brand’s message and marketing strategy.
While completing a brand and marketing audit, we can also uncover how your company fits within its competitive landscape. We use this information in conjunction with your company’s unique positioning statement (UPS) and current marketing strategy to ensure that the right differentiating key factors of your brand are highlighted in your marketing communications. In so doing, we can help your brand to best present its strengths and benefits over your competition.
A marketing analysis generally starts with a strategy consideration and a question. Is there room for your new product or service within the existing market? What are the key differentiators versus similar products between you and your competition? Who is your core audience, and where do they live, work and shop? How do we reach this specific target audience? Through a SWOT approach to both your brand and your industry, we can help you to answer these types of questions while identifying opportunities that better define (or pivot) your marketing strategy.
Marketing your brand without a strategy is like throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. Instead of making a mess in the kitchen, we help brands to decide which ingredients and cooks they need to serve up a dish of relevant messaging to the right audience at the right time. For us, creating your brand’s marketing plan starts with understanding your sales goals, KPIs and your target audience(s). Then, we develop buyer personas and journey maps and use those (in conjunction with your budget) to determine the right message strategy, timing and media placement.
Whether you’re a startup or an existing entity with loose brand guidelines, developing a corporate, branded identity for your internal stakeholders and your consumers to get behind is paramount to your success as a business. In an ever-expanding market of like-choices, your brand acts as your primary differentiator between yourself and your competitors. Brand identity and subsequent branding guidelines include visual and descriptive facets of your company like logo and identifying marks, values and positioning, story, personality and tone of voice and visual representation including colors, font styles and design specifications. Through our brand discovery process, we can help you to determine some or all of these necessary components.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the visuals and graphics created as part of your marketing communications will speak volumes about your brand even before your audience has read or heard a word of associated content. And while good designs lend context, great designs align every consumer interaction with seamless consistency. We produce clear, branded visuals that form the foundation of your brand’s identity—from logos and identifying marks, to static and dynamic digital display, to print, promotional materials and video.
Succinctly communicating who you are as a brand and how your products or services solve the problems of your consumers is often easier said than done. There’s a lot to consider in creating advertising copy and marketing content. Everything, from the words you choose to the content consumption experience you put forth, must reflect your brand’s identity including personality and tone of voice. And, your messaging needs to resonate with and be relevant to your core audience(s). We understand the nuances of creating your brand’s voice, whether auditory or written, and can help you develop the right messaging for your marketing communications.
With state-of-the-art photography and audio/video recording equipment, we are well-equipped to produce the stellar audio, video and photography you need to visually and phonetically communicate your brand’s message. Our concepting and copywriting capabilities extend beyond traditional radio and video spots, although we are also quite experienced in writing engaging :06, :15 and :30 scripts that concisely communicate your message while reflecting your brand’s personality
Traditional media like print as well as billboard, transit or otherwise out-of-home still have their place in the advertising landscape. These mediums are particularly powerful for broadcasting your message to the masses and perform strongly as a complement to a digital campaign. Because the customer journey from consideration to purchase is no longer linear, your marketing plan should encompass an omnichannel strategy where messaging acts as reinforcement across the consumer touchpoints you construct. We can help you determine if traditional media makes sense for your campaign and marketing goals, as well as craft the messaging and deliverables to be cohesive with your strategy.
Today’s social media landscape gives brands unprecedented access and opportunities to engage with their consumers. Moreover, the connective power of social media makes it an incredibly persuasive tool for you to positively manage and measure the perception and likeability of your brand. We take a consultative approach to native/ organic social media, helping your company to first determine which channels make sense for your brand and your marketing goals, and then to help you form a plan for content to achieve these desired results.
As the digital age has evolved, so has the purpose for a company’s website. In short: Websites need to DO something. They need to communicate with your potential customers as well as your current consumers and often need to provide an engaging experience that’s worth visiting (and gives them reason to revisit). We design websites with a mobile-first UX mindset and customize the pages and content to what will best highlight who you are and what services and products you offer, based on the needs of your consumers. And, we only build fully responsive, open-source websites that utilize the most current web design functionality to provide you with a website that will last and is fully controllable by your internal teams.
SEO is a digital tactic employed to help all types of search engines find your company in the digital landscape. Whether it’s specific to using the appropriate code strategy and developing new content for your website (based on shifting trends in keyword use) or making sure that your business appears on the first page of search results no matter if your consumer searches themselves or asks Siri or Alexa to find the information for them; our approach to SEO requires both website and “rest of web” modifications to best serve both the technology and the people looking for your business or services.
From Google search ads to geofencing target locations for video and display ads, we do it all when it comes to search engine marketing (SEM) and digital media planning/ buying. Our strategy is based on deciding the goals and KPIs of your digital campaign to determine effectiveness of the ad medium. We implement A/B testing measures and continuously evaluate the campaign’s performance in real-time as it’s running, making changes to message, visual or targeting to maximize your campaign’s ROI. In this vein, we are media agnostic—our goal is to make your messaging reach the appropriate audience at the right time and in the right place, with the least amount of waste. (Digital media channels can reduce waste more effectively than other broadcast media, although we can incorporate traditional media into your media plan, as well.)
Ever wondered what it was like to work with a creative team who could also print and fabricate your larger-than-life banner, in-house? As an affiliate of BlueHive Group, our 160,000 sq. ft. cross-functional facility houses state-of-the-art industrial graphic printers that are available for our clients as part of our graphic and visual communications service. A newspaper wrap ad will certainly be seen by many, but so will an entire wall or building façade. (And which do you think will impart a more memorable impact?)
When it comes to executing memorable brand experiences, our mission is to create innovative and responsive promotional brand engagement that is relevant to your audience. Promotional marketing is unique in its ability to touch upon all five senses of your consumers and allow your brand to live beyond its physical and digital footprints. From branded apparel to tech products, drinkware and corporate gifts, to trade show and event-themed giveaways, we can quickly and easily provide not only the design, but the production and fulfillment of your perfect product that will bring your brand to life through the hands of your consumers.
Not every change or update to your brand is newsworthy, but when that lightning strikes, you want to make sure you bring the thunder. From grand openings to mergers and acquisitions, new product launches or major accolades won, we can help you to craft your news story into a succinct press release that’s equal parts compelling and straightforward.
Our affiliate company, BlueHive Exhibits, is one of the country’s leading trade show companies and was most recently awarded as a Find It – Top40 exhibit house by Exhibitor Magazine. And because Trigon Creative is located under the same 160,000 sq. ft. facility, we can leverage a creative economy of scale that combines brand management, technology, 3D / 2D design and specialized craftsmanship—allowing us to build you something extraordinary (and with measurable value). When it comes to exhibit and event expertise, there isn’t another marketing firm or design house that offers comparable end-to-end resources. (Trust us, we’ve looked.)
As the saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. Whether it’s at a trade show, VIP partner event or even in your corporate lobby, every tangible brand experience you provide to your consumers should be as engaging as it is relevant. Maybe you’d like to develop an in-booth contest or game at a trade show, or an interactive video wall or a virtual reality station in your corporate lobby. Whatever that next-level marketing experience is, you want to work with a team who understands the nuanced level of strategy and creativity it takes to attract your consumers and keep them engaged beyond just grabbing a branded freebie. Allow us to be an extension of your marketing team to come up with the next BIG IDEA so you can maximize your marketing dollars with a truly unforgettable marketing experience.