CGI Influencers

The Creations Posed as People, Persuading Audiences Worldwide Today, “reality” doesn’t feel entirely real. It feels like we’re living in Ray Bradbury’s best-selling novel, Fahrenheit 451, where digital media manifestations influence our emotions as we cater to the wants of the few instead of the needs of the many. It’s time we stop and think […]

CRM Tools (and the Benefits of Tracking Trade Show Leads Separately)   

Many businesses leverage CRM (customer relationship management) technologies and tools, like Salesforce or HubSpot, to better understand their sales processes; keep track of conversations with customers, prospects and partners/vendors; keep leads better organized in a centralized system and more. These tools can be extremely helpful in understanding how “hot” a lead is, when your salespeople […]

20 Marketing Resolutions for 2020 Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, we touched upon 10 resolutions marketing professionals should consider making on behalf of the business(es) and brand(s) they represent. From content and message strategy to social media practices, data analysis and goal setting, and even experiential marketing; these pledges follow the marketing trends we believe will be […]

20 Marketing Resolutions for 2020 Part 1

It’s that time of year again; when just about everyone we know is talking about what resolutions they have set or plan to follow for the next year. And while friends, family members and colleagues alike are pledging to eat healthier, exercise more and maybe even put more effort into self-care this year, we wonder […]

How Does Google Work?

A Simple Explanation for a Complex Question But First, a Search Scenario You’re watching TV and see an ad for a new gadget. Within 10 seconds, you’ve become amazed by this revolutionary product. You wonder how you lived without it for all these years. But you’re no sucker; you’re certain you can find a better […]

Brick-and-Mortar Business in a Digital World

Imagine that you own a restaurant. Fifty customers walk in one day; they look at the wall decorations, open a menu, glance at who’s eating, snap a picture or two of other people’s food…but then they leave. They do not order, eat or BUY anything. If this was your restaurant, what would you do? Would […]